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From bedspreads to rugs, cushions to curtains, you can make your home... 

  • Residential Design

    From the ground up, every detail matters. Before we even start putting pen to paper, we want to fully understand our clients to help us conceptualize a home they’d be proud to build their family memories in.

    We want to infuse “you” into every corner of your home, from exterior to interior. Our design team will work with you to identify color palettes, textures, materials and styles to build a custom home uniquely tailored for you and your family.

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  • Commercial Design

    Commercial design seeks to increase functionality and elevate style in order to achieve commercial success. From office buildings to retail business to spas, salons, and gyms, we work to translate our client's vision in ways that are practical, profitable, inspiring and of course, beautiful.

    Your business space is every bit as personal as your living space and now, more than ever, we want to help you create a space for your business to thrive in.

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  • Hospitality Design

    There are many demands that must be met when working in the hospitality industry. In addition to ensuring that staff provides the utmost service to customers and that food and amenities are of the highest quality, the design and atmosphere of every room must be flawless. Whether it’s a hotel room or airbnb, lobby or patio, the interior design holds a significant value because it is the entry point of the hospitality experience. Serving as a visual backdrop for your potential customers and clients, interior design can enhance the entire experience for them!

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Wondering what to expect when you work with Curate Design Group?

1. Reach Out

It all starts with you. Fill out our online form or schedule a consultation by phone or email. We'll talk about your project plans and help you determine how we can serve you.

2. Consultation

We'll meet and walk through your project. This consultation may be all you need and in that case, we'll discuss tips, tricks, advice and inspiration to help you take charge of your dream DIY makeover. If your project needs are bigger this will be a chance to discuss your style, project scope, timelines, and budget.

3. The Proposal

This is where it all gets official. Budgets, floor plans, mood boards, and contracts will be presented and agreed upon. Before we really get moving it's important that we're all tracking together and know what to expect.

4. Let's Get Down To Business

We're going to work together with contractors, tradesmen, suppliers and creatives to bring your design to life. We will work with trades you’ve supplied or help you hire the right people for the job. Additionally we will source design elements, manage your projects progress, and keep things running smoothly.

5. Installation

This is the day (or series of days) it all comes together! Arrangements will be made to assemble, hang, and position every last detail. Then, the big reveal! We made it to the finish line together. With your consent, we may make arrangements for a photoshoot of the space to take place.

6. The End

No detail will be left unfinished. If there is anything left to take care of, we'll make sure it's done!